Kitchen Remodeling Specialists

Modern White Kitchen Design

Remodeling a kitchen is not a simple task and definitely not for the fainthearted. It requires skill and knowledge in the field. Moreover, kitchen is the most difficult room in the house to remodel and the most costly project to tackle if things go wrong. In almost all cases, you will need to seek professional help at some point, depending on your level of skill. But where to find such experts? And whom to choose among dozens of available experts in your locality? There are many kinds of personnel who can assist you in your venture. Here is a short and sweet list as well as the required information.


Architects are those whom you select if you are planning to make a significant structural change to your kitchen. An architect is the best choice here. You should be able to find one who specializes in residential design, however. Some architects are willing to work only in commercial kitchen settings so make sure where their passion is. There are significant differences between residential and commercial design techniques for a kitchen. Although they study the same materials in school, someone who regularly designs for a small family is the suitable one for your needs rather than one who designs for an entire army of people.

Certified Kitchen Designers

These professionals ( trained and certified for kitchen design and remodeling by the National Association for Kitchen and Bath. They are specialists, so they know more about latest kitchen trends and designs. They know how to choose the best layout and materials for your particular project. Again, choose one who has done many projects in this field.

Interior Designers

Interior designers can help you create a style in your kitchen and throughout the entire home as well. They do not make structural changes to the kitchen but may change cosmetic elements like tiles, floors, cabinets and cupboards. Local chapters for interior designers may help you find the right one for your kitchen project.

Remodeling Firms

These firms or companies offer one-stop center for all your design needs and construction products. They have staff on-board who will tend to your remodeling needs. They deal with professional designers and work through them so if something goes wrong you are going to deal with the designers directly.

Remodeling Contractors

Most design contractors offer design help as part of their remodeling services or they will partner with other professionals. These people are a good choice if you want to save some money without compromising quality of work. One good example of when to choose such contractors is when you are simply reconfiguring your existing kitchen or refacing cabinets.